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Sheep Placenta Capsule is Not Just for Women, but it offers Unlimited Benefits to Enhance your health and improving Your Skin Texture… Download Our Sheep placenta Report & Try Our Products for a week…


Why Buy Sheep Placenta?

Our brand of Sheep Placenta softgel is from USA, and its utilized the latest Stem cell technology and together with unique enteric softgel encapsulation technology which gives the best to enhance our body vitality, look younger and stay healthier.  We have proven testimonial from our client who has taken Sheep Placenta Softgel, within weeks, they see the effect on their skin, energy level and health. Download our Sheep Placenta Free report on the Right.  

Sheep placenta comes in varies price point from various brands, and our brand of sheep placenta is consider at a premium quality but at an affordable price. As compared to other brands, the ingredients includes Ovine Placenta extract, Avocado oil, Olive Oil, Fish Collagen Power, Aloe Vera Gel, Shark Liver oil and Most important of all Xanthone. Before you consider buying any brands of sheep placenta, check our benefits and download our reports on the Right.

Top Key Benefits of Our Brand Sheep Placenta:

  • Regenerate and improve your skin texture
  • Improves Microcirculation, blood lipids, and reduce blood viscosity.
  • Enhance your immune system and healing process.
  • Increase your energy level, you no longer feel the tireness after work
  • One of the most important, it consist of a special ingredient which protects your heart and prevent hardening of arteries.  

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Anti Aging Skin Care & Sheep Placenta Singapore

Sheep Placenta Softgels

sheep placenta singapore

sheep placenta singapore 

Anti-Aging Sheep Placenta

Supplement Information:
Serving Size: 1 Softgel
Serving Per Box: 30

Amount Per serving: 840mg
(Ovine Placenta Poweder, Olive Oil Pure, Shark Liver Oil, Fish Collagen Powder, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Gel Extract 200:1, Mangosteen Extract Powder 20% Xanthones)

10 Golden Sheep Placenta Benefits

  1. Regenerated & Improve the skin functions to maintain the prime condition.
  2. Improves microcirculation, regulates blood lipids, reduces blood viscosity and the lowers the lipids peroxide levels in the liver and cardiac muscle.
  3. Speed up wound healing & recovery process after delivery and surgery
  4. Regulates & balances the hormones in male and female
  5. Rejuvenates the function of the the immune system
  6. Encourages healthier & active lifestyle
  7. Protects the human epidermal cells
  8. Regulates the skin cell renewal rate
  9. Reduces the skin Pigmentation
  10. Boost the body’s metabolism

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sheep placenta

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sheep placenta singapore

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Set

 sheep placenta Singapore

Product Range

Standard Set

  1. Cell Renewal Wash 100ml
  2. Cell Renewal Toner 100ml
  3. Age-Defying Essence 15ml
  4. Hydro Infusion Moisturizer 50ml
  5. Sun Protector EMulsion SPF30 50ml
Travel Set
  1. Cell Renewal Wash 30ml
  2. Cell Renewal Toner 30ml
  3. Hydro Infusion Moisturizer + Age defying 15ml
  4. Sun Protector EMulsion SPF30 15ml
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sheep placenta singapore


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 Nutrition C & E for Skin Care

Nutrition C for Skin Care

 Nutrition C Capsule 

1 Box comes with 30 Capsules.

The efficient delivery of these actives rely on a most advanced and innovative technology Micro Sponge Delivery System.

The unique technique releases actives into the skin in a gradual and controlled manner, so that skin receives
nourishment for up to 12 hours.

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Nutrition C Skin Care

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sheep placenta singapore


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