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Profos – Hyaluronic Acid Supplement

An Integrated Food Supplement that Boost Your Skin Firmness, Reduce Skin Sagging, Improve Digestive System and Musculoskeletal System.


profos - reduce joint pain, improve digestive system and skin sagging

Introducing PROFOS – A Hyaluronic Acid Supplement for Total Wellness of The Skin, Joints and the Disgestive System.

What is PROFOS Hyaluronic Acid?

Profos is an integrated Prebiotic and nutraceutical Food supplement based on Short-Chain Fructo-oligosaccharides ; Exception Hyal, and Innovative Hyaluronic acid polymer of plan origin. It Composed of highly bio-available, high-dose and well-balanced mix of medium and high molecular weight; Vitamin A; Megnesium, Silicon and selected plant extracts: Fennel dry extract, Hamamelis dry extract, Mallow dry extract, Rose hips dry extract, Giffonia dry extract.

profos hyaluronic acid - Improve Skin Sagging, Digestive and Joint Pain

Enhanced Joint and Musculo-Sketetal Systemreduce joints pain, knee joint pain


Improve Digestive System and Constipation

reduce bloated stomach, constipation remedy


Reduce Skin Sagging & Boost Skin Firmness.

Skin Firmness and reduce sagging


Profos Helps to enhanced and Improve: 

  • Digestive System
    Bowel Disorders, constipation, indigestion
  • Musculoskeletal System
    Chondroprotective agent
  • Integumentary System
    Integrity of the dermal connective tissue


Important Health benefits:

  1. Helps Boost skin firmness and reduces skin sagging
  2. Prevents aging and soften wrinkles
  3. Nourishes and enhances skin’s moisture
  4. Improves the musculosketetal system and joints, especially on the knees
  5. Enhances and prolongs HA filters
  6. Improves the digestive system, bowel disorders, constipation, indigestion, irritation of the intestinal mucosa
  7. Improves skin texture and restores skin plumness
  8. Improves the skin’s dermal connective tissues
  9. Lighten spots and brightens dull complexion

Direction of Use: 

Take 1 sachet of PROFOS daily. For enhanced support to the joints and skin, take 1 sachet twice a day. 

Pour the content of sachet into an empty glass, then add approximately 100-150ml of water; mix well. If the product does not dissolve completely in water, this does not mean that it is altered; in fact, this is due to the presence of sodium hyaluronate in the formulation.  To be taken preferably one hour before meals.


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profos hyaluronic acid - improve digestive, cure constipation and joint pain problem


Carmen Milani, Actress 38yrs: I have been taken profos 5.1g per day in the last month and i have noticed positive effects plumping of skin and improved quality of hair. It had a facelift effect and also seems to improve my mood. Pretty Amazing…

Genovera Constantina, homemaker 50yrs: I had been suffering from knee osteoarthritis and muscular pain, especially in my legs (since 2001).  After taking Profos for 40 days, I’ve noticed a reduction in pain and stiffness of the knee, improvement of motion of the articulation and increasing quality of life. Even my gingivitis disappear after 15-16 days.

Roxana Aleschi, Secretary 43yrs:  I have taken profos in the last 3 weeks (10,2g per day) and after few days, my skin was glowing and cleansed. Also, I’ve noticed the healing and regeneration of surgical wounds. My intestinal transit become natural (used to have constipation and blotchiness).  As well has noticed the improvement of tissue tone.


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