Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum Product Review

Before buying any Plum or Detox Product, Please Read this detail review to understand Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum and its benefits....

What You Need to Know Before Buying Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum?

What is an Enzyme Plum? 

Plum is a type of green fruits sour and bitter in taste and often not taken raw.  Its usually preserved with salt and sugar for better taste. According to research that plum contains acids and vitamins which helps in digestive and immune system. It also helps in detoxification and relieve constipation. 

About Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum?

Shi Shi Qing (时时清) Enzyme Plum are produced from original Green plum from Taiwan. It is preserved and packed in China before distribution to other parts of the country.  

Shi Shi Qing Enzyme plum is solely imported and distributed by YiJiao Trading SG Pte Ltd. The company started to venture into South East Asia in 2015. The company also conducted lab test for Shi Shi Qing Enzyme plum and obtained reports of this product for consumers.

The Ingredients used includes: Pickled Green Plum (Green Plum, Sugar, Salt), Enzyme(Amylase, Pectinase, Cellulase), Glucose, Xylooligosaccharides, Vitamin C, Red Dates Extract, Selenium.

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Consumption Guide & Benefits of

Each packet consist of 1 Plum. It taste a little sweet and sour after processed.  Although its a fruit, aviod taking too much as it may taste like a "Sweet". Do keep this out of reach of children.  When started for a few days, you may encountered more frequent visit to the toilet, and that is perfectly normal. Because that shows that the plum works on detoxing your digestive system. 

Here are the key benefits of consuming Enzyme Plum and detail instruction as follow.  For beginners who just started out, take 1 plum per day for 2-3 days, and then follow by 2 plums per day.  This will allow your body to start the detoxification process. Guidelines to follow: 

Direction:-  Consume  1-2 pieces, 1-2 times daily. Take before food or before sleep together with 200-300ml of lukewarm water

Suitable for:  healthy individual who wants to enhance body metabolism & immune system, Detoxification, Constipation problem, water retention, and those who wants to reduce weight.

Cautious:  Pregnant Women and those nursing gastric ulcer, intestinal inflammation are to consume with care. Consult your health care practitioner prior to consuming. 

Storage: Store at room temperature, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Those who wants to keep it in the car for easy access is not advisable as your car might be exposed to sunlight during day time. 

Shelf Life: 18 months.

Top 10+ Benefits of Enzyme Plum

  • Detox & Slimming - helps to clean up digestive systems....
  • Relieves Constipation - Clean up Colon and waste from intestine...
  • Burn & Clean Fats - remove stubborn fats from body...
  • Reduces inflammation - helps to heal body against injury...
  • Reduces Cholesterol - reduce the risk of high blood pressure..
  • Regulates Periods - helps women with irregular periods cycle...
  • Protects Liver & Stomach - clean Liver and disgestive system...
  • Balances Hormones - helps to improve body metabolism...
  • Reduces Freckles / Pimples - clean up your skins..
  • Balances body PH Value - helps to regulates body fluids..
  • Improves Immune System - strengthen body immune system..
  • Enhances Blood Circulation - helps to improve blood flow into throughout your  body................

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100% safe for consumption by consumers. The product was tested and approved by ALS Group in Singapore.  

Shi Shi Qing Enzyme Plum Branding & Marketing

Popular China Singer Annie 伊能静 is the ambassador of Shi SHi Qing Enzyme Plum.  If a Singer has been endorsing the product, that shows the credibility of this product and it's testimonial. 

SHI SHI QING Enzyme Plum Sales Promotion Packages

The Enzyme Plum comes in 2 Types of  Pricing:-  1 Box and 6 Boxes Packages.

  • 1 Standard Box -  15 Packs of Plum  
  • 1 Small Box - 5 Packs of Plum

Sales Package :-  

  • 1 Standard Box + FREE 1 Small Box  =  S$49.00
    (20 Plums for a 10-20 Days Detox Program)
  • 6 Standard Boxes + FREE 6 Small Boxes = S$198.00  (Save $96.00)
    (120 Plums to Last for 60-120 Days Detox Program)

 Where To Buy SHI SHI QING Enzyme Plum

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So far these products have been endorsed by many individuals of all ages. The results has been proven to work and helps to improve health, slimming and constipation problems.  

It also helps to improve facial, removed wrinkles and enhance overall skin complexion. Many has reported an overall health improvement, energy level increases and digestive system & immune system improvement.

Below are some of the Testimonials and its Not limited to these few.......   

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